Cheap Car Insurance for Teens as the Best Choices to Go

cheap car insurance for teens

MLMFB.COM - When it comes to car insurance for teens, the chance is many insurance companies offer quotes with high rate. Teenagers are considered to have little driving experience, not to mention the fact that statistic shows high percentage of accidents caused by teens. Being risky, insurance companies charged more for insurance coverage.

However, it does not mean cheap car insurance for teens is impossible. There are some companies which offer quality coverage, at the same time offering discount for young drivers.


Best Cheap Car Insurance for Teens

To find the best insurance companies with best policy for teens, you need to make a small survey. Gather as much information about quotes to get the best possible deals according to your preference. Car insurance for teens should offer claims handling and quality coverage, and yet it does not come with high rate. If you are looking for cheap car insurance for teens, there are some choices to take into account.


GEICO is one of reputable insurance companies throughout the United States. It offers low rates to drivers with several choices of discounts. GEICO is considered best choice for young drivers for it has some advantages for good student, seatbelt use discount, and driver’s education. This insurance company will also consider your vehicles including airbags, daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes, and anti-theft device. The more equipped your car, the more discounts you will get.

When it comes to coverage, GEICO covers basics and mechanical breakdown. You will also get accident forgiveness which refers to optional coverage which prevents your rate from climbing up because of first accident. Mechanical breakdown is considered beneficial as it will pay for any repair on your vehicles for wear and tear. GEICO is the only cheap car insurance for teens which offers this kind of coverage, allowing customers to put it into priority.   In addition to GEICO offer, there is also Family Pricing Program. This is a program which allows teenage driver get their own policy so that they do not need to be on parents’ insurance. At special rate, this program brings peace of mind both for parents and teenagers. It is not surprising GEICO is considered the best insurance company overall.

State Farm

Another option for cheap car insurance for teens is State Farm. Even though it typically does not offer rates as low as GEICO, State Farm deserves your consideration for some reasons. This insurance company is well-known for its reputation to serve excellent customer service. According to some surveys, the satisfaction rate from customer is quite high. It can be concluded that State Farm is worth choosing especially if you wish to have satisfying claim handling and interaction with the officer.
Not only awesome customer service, State Farm also offers several discounts for young drivers including good student discount, student away, and driver training. You can also save more if your car is equipped with passive restraint system or anti-theft device. Even if you want to join online safe driving course, you are enabled to save up to 15 percent on premium. State Farm also provides Drive Safe and Save Program which can be considered if you drive on low mileage.


Nationwide is other cheap car insurance for teens that you can find in the United States. Even though its customer satisfaction rating is not as high as GEICO, Nationwide can be a good choice to go. For students who need to get cheap car insurance, Nationwide provides good student discount as well as accident-free discount. However, it will not count until you have 5 years of safe driving. The insurance company offers SmartRide Program that allows you to get credit for safe driving. They will monitor your driving record including mileage, speed, and acceleration. If you pass, you will be eligible for discount.

If you and your family already joined Nationwide, there is special offer that you should take into account. The company provides Family Plan that enables family members to share discounts. You are allowed to give specific discount to family member who does not qualify on their own.

Among best choices of cheap car insurance for teens, which one will you choose? Each company has plus and minus which can be adjusted to your needs. Set your preference and select one that meet your requirements.

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