Get to Know the Non-Owner Car Insurance Quotes

Non-Owner Car Insurance Quotes

MLMFB.COM - In the United States, there are only five companies which offer non-owner car insurance quotes. What is actually non-owner insurance? It refers to insurance policy that provides bodily injury and property damage coverage when you are driving a car that is not yours.

This is a recommended insurance if you do not own a car but want to be covered. If you borrow a car and suddenly involved in an accident, your body, the vehicle or property you hit will be covered. In a matter of choosing best insurance company, you need to consider the quotes.

How Non-Owner Car Insurance Quotes Work and When You Need Them

As aforementioned, non-owner insurance provides protection for ones who do not have a vehicle but driving a car. How does it work? You need to know that this kind of insurance can be used if the vehicle has regular car insurance policy. Whenever you get an accident with that vehicle, the regular insurance will be paid first. If the payment is not enough to cover the damages, your non-owner insurance policy will be used as secondary coverage. However, it is only valid for vehicle or property that you hit and cannot be used to repair the vehicle you drive.

There are some kinds of coverage which are not available in non-owner car insurance quotes including collision, towing, rental reimbursement, and comprehensive. Why? It is because technically you do not have the vehicle to insure. However, some quotes cover uninsured or insured motorist bodily injury into non-owner car insurance policy.

Therefore, you need to gather detailed information before choosing specific quote. When do you actually need non-owner car insurance? If you wonder when to buy non-owner insurance policy, here are some conditions that you should take into account:

1.  Rent a car

The first condition to buy non-owner car insurance quotes is when you rent a car. Before renting a car, make sure to check the coverage from the car rental company. Sometimes, it is cheaper to pay one-time insurance rather than buying non-owner insurance policy, especially if you do not rent frequently. However if you are a frequent lessee, you need to consider this insurance.

2. Join car sharing service

If you regularly join car sharing service, you might need to choose specific non-owner car insurance quotes and choose one. And yet, you also need to check if the service provider already has insurance that covers its member. Whenever it has damage coverage and liability as part of membership, you do not need to buy extra coverage.

3. Without personal car temporarily

Probably you are in a condition when you cannot use personal car temporarily. Being in such condition, you may need to consider purchasing non-owner insurance. It is an affordable way to protect other’s property in case something you do not expect really happens.

After knowing several conditions when you probably need non-owner car insurance, you also need to know the rates. Basically, this kind of insurance comes with significantly lower rates compared to regular ones. Roughly the companies will only charge you 90 percent lower than comprehensive policy; in condition you have excellent credit and safe driving record. In case you have bad credit and not-so-perfect driving record, you still get 20 percent lower policy.

What makes non-owner car insurance quotes typically offer lower rate? 

The reason is quite simple. Technically, you do not own any vehicle to insure. Therefore, you are the only main factor to determine the rate. The better your record, the lower rate you will get. Unlike regular insurance which also consider equipment as determining factor, non-owner car insurance is much simpler. Therefore, you need to clean up the credit and keep your driving record excellent to get lower insurance rate.

As closing words, non-owner car insurance provides a solution for anyone who does not own a car but requires protection while driving. People who rent a car or join car sharing service should consider buying non-owner car insurance policy from the insurance companies. Each company may offer non-owner car insurance quotes which vary, so you need to compare one another. Overall, the rate is far lower than regular car insurance because it does not involve car owner, especially if you have excellent credit and driving record.

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