Progressive Non-Owner Car Insurance and How Does It Work

Progressive Non-Owner Car Insurance

MLMFB.COM - Car insurance is important thing as obligation if you intend to own car. Purchasing car will include insurance or you can get it from separate source. In this condition, you own car alongside insurance.

There is other insurance where policy holder does not have a car at all. He gets this insurance for several purposes. One of examples is progressive non-owner car insurance. To know more about this topic, read the following sections.

More about Progressive Non-Owner Car Insurance

When do you need to obtain non-owned car insurance?

First thing to start is where you should have this insurance. You do not own the car, but still need insurance. How does this thing happen? People without car do not mean they are not going anywhere. Occasionally, they are travelling by car but not theirs. Borrowing car for driving might happen whether you take from friends or car rental. If something happens, what do you do to your own medical coverage?

Well, progressive non-owner car insurance is for people who tend not do driving often, but still has access to the car for particular activity. You may live in city where public transportation is excellent and no need to own car at home. On the other side, the car rental also urges customers to have this insurance for their benefit. During accident, car rental will cover any damage using insurance. Unfortunately, coverage is limited to car, not driver. Therefore, you should consider having and bringing non-owned car insurance for protection.

Coverage and liability

As it mentioned above, some people still need car but they do not drive often. What kind of coverage and liability do you get from progressive non-owner car insurance? It is interesting question as it is not like common car insurance. Coverage is different because the target coverage is person as policyholder. Commonly, car insurance pays and covers damage during accident. If anything happens on driver or passenger, the insurance company provides accident-type product.

On contrary, non-owned car insurance is liability to cover person who holds it. This means the coverage will be as medical treatment, ambulance, or any health related service. This is the basic difference between regular and non-owned car insurance. Form this point; you understand why this insurance is available since there are people who need it.

Suspended license

People with no license do not mean they cannot obtain it. As you know, there is regulation to suspend driving license due to several license. If you have history for driving under influence, there is possibility to get suspended license. In this case, you cannot drive anywhere again until the suspended period is done.

The progressive non-owner car insurance is also available for such people who have suspended license. It is for safekeeping when something happens during journey. You might be the passenger, not driver, when accident happens. This insurance will cover any medical need to regain your healthy condition again.


As similar to other insurance, policyholder has obligation to pay premium. It is like traditional insurance where you pay in various methods. For example, policyholder pays at once in beginning period in order to make sure you get the benefit for one year or more. The premium is not as much as regular car insurance. The company also checks your background before application to obtain progressive non-owner car insurance. If you have bad history, there is a chance that premium is bigger and more expensive. However, you do not have to worry about such thing since the price is still affordable.

Obtaining non-owned car insurance

Many companies have car insurance as their products, but there are only few that offer non-owned car insurance. Progressive is one of companies that offer this kind of insurance. Another one is Allstate with similar product. Before obtaining it, you should read everything thoroughly from beginning until you know how this thing works.

Does non-owned car insurance necessary to have? The answer is already explained at above section. You can obtain it in order to get medical support and treatment during accident. It is not urgent insurance, unless you are in between no car and need one at all. That’s the basic information related to progressive non-owner car insurance that you should know.

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