The Best Prepaid Debit Cards for Any Payment and Transaction

The Best Prepaid Debit Cards

MLMFB.COM - Prepaid card is alternative in financial transaction. It is similar to regular debit card, but you need to load money directly to card's account, not the bank.

Several providers offer the best prepaid debit cards with various features. Which one is the best? You need to consider several things, such as the purpose, fee, rates, flexibility, etc. For more about this topic, read the following sections.


Finding the best prepaid debit cards

1.    Bluebird American Express

If you look for flexibility, Bluebird American Express is the top choice. The card is issued by American Express and Walmart. You can load money from many methods, such as direct deposit, cash load in Walmart, bank transfer, and mobile transaction. With this card, you do not need to worry about fee when buying somthing. The card comes in handy for buyers who like to visit big retailers. Many merchants receive this card and cardholder may do reloading money from their cashier. Another benefit is withdrawal in many ATM chains.

2.    Movo Visa Card

Movo Visa Card is prepaid debit card for any payment. It is issued by Visa as a credit card company. It is not just regular card because it's useful to do online transaction. Movo is virtual card to let users pay whatever they want without the real card at hand. As the best prepaid debit cards, you can get many benefits. There are no monthly fee, no purchasing fee, ATM withdrawal, direct deposit and mobile transfer, creating sub account for new card, and instant transfer. The latter is useful feature to do transfer between one Movo holder and another.

3.    Chase Liquid Card

The next option for prepaid debit card is Chase Liquid Card. This card is quite different from other because you need to visit nearby Chase branches. The card is useful to pay anything such as bill, mortgage, and daily basis purchasing. It is at list of the best prepaid debit cards since it's backed by Chase banking network. Reloading is available via many ways, such as direct deposit, bank transfer, cash saving, and mobile transfer. All methods are needed to do in Chase bank. You also get access to big network in Chase ATM.

Best Prepaid Debit Cards

4.    Akimbo MasterCard

Another choice for prepaid card is Akimbo. The card is different from other MasterCard released. It is not definite in term of retail and network. You can do for any transaction and payment in many retails, with small fee. It is suitable for family where parents can create different PIN to access Akimbo card. As usual, cardholder can reload via many ways, such as bank transfer, direct deposit, mobile deposit transfer, and MasterCard retailer.

5.    Famzoo Prepaid Card

Parents can create one account and give access to their children for spending money. They act as banker for family and control what kids buy. For that purpose, you can rely on Famzoo Prepaid card by MasterCard. It is one of the best prepaid debit cards that can manage five accounts from single card. Instead of applying multiple cards, using Famzoo will save money and fewer fees to control every transaction.

6.    Walmart Moneycard Visa

Walmart and Visa create Moneycard as prepaid card. It is specific card for shoppers who like spending money in Walmart chain. They get three percent cashback in every transaction. You can reload this card from Walmart or any retailer easily. Other features are online service and fewer fees. Cardholder may purchase or do shopping in Walmart online store. There is interesting discount if buyers use Moneycard.

7.    Netspend Prepaid Visa Card

Security is important when doing online transaction. One of reasons to choose Netspend is security feature. It is prepaid card where you can create fake number for temporary purpose. The number is for online verification, but it's valid to your card. It protects the card from exposing to unknown and unsecure system. As part of the best prepaid debit cards, you need to reload when all money is already spent. Reloading is available in any retailers as long as they accept Visa.

There are still many other prepaid cards besides those seven options. Each comes from different merchant, bank, retailer, and service. However, the basic features and functions are similar. You use the card as payment and reload again to fill money in it. That’s what you need to understand about the best prepaid debit cards.

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