Three Good Cheap Car Insurance Companies in the US and the Ways to Choose it

Good Cheap Car Insurance

MLMFB.COM - Getting good cheap car insurance is not an impossible thing. In fact, you can choose one from the three options such as GEICO, State Farm, or Progressive. Even though, you should know what you need to get from the insurance before you decide to choose one of them. Moreover, there are many types of car insurance starting from the accident until the theft.

Comparing with the adult, adolescents are the party most in need of car insurance. Most accidents come from adolescence because they drive carelessly. Here, you can get good cheap car insurance for young drivers.


3 Good Cheap Car Insurance Companies fits for you

GEICO, State Farm, and Progressive are well-known as the best auto insurance company. They are good in the service and also the payment. Okay, below is the review of those companies:


GEICO becomes the most favorite option in the US because it often offers hundreds of dollar cheaper than the other companies. At least, it is famous in 19 of 50 States where it is more efficient until 75%.

2.    State Farm

State Farm is the largest and best car insurance company in Minnesota and South Carolina. In Minnesota, State Farm offers a price of $ 120 cheaper and in South Carolina at a price of $ 223. The company is very consistent in providing customer satisfaction to be above average. State Farm makes you save a few extra dollars every month. The services provided are mobile phone bill payments, cellular claim submissions, and pay per bank account options.

3.    Progressive

Although Progressive is only superior in 7 countries compared to the two previous companies.  It does not mean it has never been a good choice. In Montana, Progressive came in at $ 22 cheaper this year. In this region, you can take advantage of, loyalty discounts, mobile claim submissions, prepaid discounts, and mileage discounts.


3 Types of the Main Auto Insurance

Actually, there are lots of insurance types that almost many companies offer. However, there are 3 main kinds that you should. This information will help you to decide the right insurance that you need:

  • Mandatory coverage

    People commonly refer to it as a range of responsibilities and some states require it for the whole community. It covers the driver's personal injury and property damage in an accident but you are in the wrong position. However, it does not cover injuries or damage to your own property.

    Only taking or buying this type of insurance is not wise even though this can be your cheapest choice. Every state needs minimum liability insurance but this is not a good idea for you. If you experience a worse accident then you may have to incur additional costs. If you don't have a lot of money, maybe you should use your other assets to pay for it.

  • Collision coverage

    Collision coverage covers the damage of your car when you are not the only person guilty of an accident. The costs will depend on the value of your car. You can still control the reduction in the amount you pay before the insurance company takes the rest of your savings.

  • Comprehensive coverage

    Comprehensive coverage includes damage to cars from almost all disasters that afflict your car. For examples, are car theft, bad weather, or because deer are disoriented. Comprehensive coverage is present not to replace collision coverage but rather to complete it. You will bear the costs according to the value of your car and you but can control the deduction.

     Actually, there is still some coverage in the car insurance. It is the specific coverage for personal injury types and roadside assistance if you use a rental car.

6 Steps Getting the Cheap Auto Insurance for Adults

To get the cheap auto Insurance for general, you can do some ways below:

  1. Shop Around 
    The first step can be using the online quote tool. You will get an overview of prices from several car insurance companies at once faster. In addition, you also survived the practice of price optimization. This is a cunning practice in setting rates based on payments to customers.

  2. Bundle policies 
    Bundles do not necessarily make you more economical. The company will only offer attractive discounts to maintain your business. This means that you will get cheaper car insurance if you maintain a policy with a separate insurance company.

  3. Increase your Deductible
    Increasing your deduction is a good step for reducing costs. However, there are factors such as age and your driving record will affect how much improvement you can make.

  4. Low-Risk Car
    The more luxurious your car is, the higher the cost you have to pay and vice versa.

  5. Change Driving Habits  
    Clean driving records for years will make you have a cheaper car insurance fee.

  6. Maintaining Good Credit Maintaining Good Credit
    Most car insurance companies will see your credit score. Having good credit means you are a more responsible person behind the wheel.

6 Steps to Get Auto Insurance for Teens

Besides for adults, there is also auto insurance that is especially for teens. How to get the cheap one? Follow these steps.

  • Good student discounts:  C This good student discount is definitely for teenagers who are able to drive well. They can increase the discount if the average value is getting better.

  • Secondary driver:
    Being a secondary driver means you will share cars with other people. It is a great way to save money because there is a possibility that this discount will go unnoticed.
  • Have the right vehicle: 
    This rule is certainly for the teenagers. Choose cars between the ages of 6 and 10 that are still in prime condition. Do not give a type of sports car because it will cause higher costs.

  • Coverage of PLPD: 
    PLPD is good and cheap car insurance because you can buy the least.

  • Resident Student Discount:
    If your teen goes to school, even if they do not use a vehicle, they must still get insurance. The company has prepared a discount for them.

  • Separate Policy or Parent Policy:
    Both policies are the difficult choices for the parents. However, it is important and it can be a good option.

Okay, some information about the good cheap car insurance. You will get the best insurance after learning the company, type, and the way. Think about your young driver because they are still labile and dangerous on the road.

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